At some point in your life, you might experience some form of stress, nervousness or sleeplessness. Experiences you would rather do without, because these feelings can have an adverse effect on your everyday activitities and well-being. Using Valdispert can alleviate this. Valdispert helps you to relax and sleep in busy, difficult and tense periods, in order to live life equipped and vigorously, so you can go about your business.

Valdispert offers a broad range of effective and safe products, based on 100% natural ingredients. 


Vemedia is a fast growing consumer health company, marketing leading self-medication brands primarily in selected Western European countries and Hong Kong. Vemedia is headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands, and enjoys the #1 position amongst others in its home market.

Vemedia is the leader in Calming & Sleeping with flagship brand Valdispert, in Beauty from Within with major brand Oenobiol and in Medicated Foot Care with the brand Excilor. Vemedia is active in a number of other categories with brands such as Roter and Dagravit.

Vemedia manufactures the majority of its products in its GMP licenced manufacturing facility specialized in the production of (film-coated) tablets, sachets and capsules in bottles and blisterpacks. Vemedia has some contract manufacturing activity.